Opening with The Rose Of Hiroshima

Students of Rio's State Film- and Event-School Adolpho Bloch sang "Rosa de Hiroshima"

Rio de Janeiro's 5th International Uranium Film Festival opened July 16th with "The Rose Of Hiroshima". More than a hundred Students of Rio's State Film- and Event-School Adolpho Bloch sang "Rosa de Hiroshima", written by Gerson Conrad and Brazilian writer Vinicius de Moraes in the Cinematheque of the Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio). The Brazilian public TV station (TV Brasil) was present and reported the event. Photo shows the TV Brasil interview with Filmmaker Daniel Abib.

July 16th and 17th the festival screened 19 documentaries, animations and movies about atomic bombs, nuclear power, Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima and radioactive risks. The festival also screened the shocking report SCAN OF DEATH (REVISTA DA MORTE). 

Brazilian journalist and film director Laércio Tomaz reports the abuse of security body scanners in prisons of the state of Espírito Santo, that at least may have caused more than 20 abortions.  Evidences of human rights violations are noticeable and victims report authority abuse by the prison guards. Same terrible situation is likable all over Brazil. Courageous journalist Laércio Tomaz works for the "Conselho Nacional de Técnicos em Radiologia (CONTER)" in Brasília.

Further information about the risks and abuse of body scanners:

Laércio's report on youtube: