Jury 2022

Film Jury 2022 


Libbe HaLevy is the producer and host of "Nuclear Hotseat", a weekly podcast/broadcast on nuclear issues... from a “different” perspective. Now in its eleventh year, the show is downloaded in 124 countries, syndicated for broadcast through the Pacifica network, and available to new affiliates. Libbe is an award-winning playwright, author of the book "Yes, I glow in the dark! One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Nuclear Hotseat“, and the play „Atomic Bill and the Payment Due“, which will be published in 2022.


Petra Holzer is Visual artist, curator and director of the Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary (BIFED). Born in Austria, she moved to Bozcaada, a paradise island in the Aegean Sea, Turkey, a refuge for artists and intellectuals in the 1960s. The ecological problems are increasing and becoming more and more varied; however, we also witness hope-inspiring developments. We organize this festival in order to create a platform that nurtures this hope. Next BIFED: October 12-16, 2022


Professor for Radiobiology and Radiometry at the Laboratory of the Institute of Biology, Fluminense Federal University (UFF). Since March 2011, Kelecom visited several times Fukushima. Presently active in Radioecology of Polonium-210 and Lead-210, radioactive occupational contamination, environmental radioactive impacts of uranium mining, NORM, TENORM.


(Japanese film consultant)

Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of East Asian Studies at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. She was born in Tokyo (1949) and resided in the US from 1956 to 1962. She returned to Japan to study, majoring in political science, international relations theory, and sinology at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She then studied Chinese at Nanyang University in Singapore and at the University Service Center in Hong Kong, becoming an interpreter for Japanese government delegations, among others. Since 2018, she has curated the „little“ Uranium Film Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany.

(Depleted uranium film consultant)

Professor of International Public Law, member of the Special Committee on Humanitarian Law of the Red Cross/Germany, spokesperson for the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons
(ICBUW), founding member of the International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Weapons (IALANA) and member of the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
(ICAN), winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Since 2012, partner of the International Uranium Film Festival.

(Brazilian film consultant)

Photographer and teacher of Cinema at the Technical Course in Audio and Video Production at Faetec / RJ and at the undergraduate course in Media Studies at PUC- Rio. Graduated in Cinema and Master in Communication, Image and Information.