Broken Arrow. Nuclear Accident in Palomares (Operación Flecha Rota. Accidente Nuclear en Palomares)

Spain | 2007 | 96’ | Documentary.
Director: Jose Herrera Plaza | Producer: Antonio Sánchez Picón.
Original Language: Spanish- English | Subtitled Language English-Spanish.

Synopsis: In January 1966 two American airplanes collided over Palomares (Almería-Spain) and as a consequence, four H-bombs fell to hearth. Two of them explode their conventional charge and due to the strong wind radioactive material is scattered over the region. An intensive search is started to find the fourth bomb. At the same time decontamination process of the zone is starting and the residual contamination of persons and environment begins to be checked and also the “Project Indalo”, still running 48 years later. The narration is strictly told by experts and protagonists. It is complemented with documentary and audiovisual material unpublished in its greater part, declassified in the last years.