Tajikistan | 2014 | 73’ | Romance.
Director: Sharofat Arabova | Producer: Vard Simo
Original Languade Tajik | Subtitled Language English

Synopsis: More than 50 years back in a stony set of a remote mountainous village somewhere in Tajikistan the lovers called Shams and Mekhri used to travel. Mekhri pulled by a transient eclipse breaks an oath of marital faithfulness that overnight transforms Sham’s life into a farcical puppet show, leading to a murder of his spouse. Unable to take the burden of the committed sin, Shams stands on a path of repentance trying to cleanse his fault by serving people. He admits his crime and is sent to the uranium mine next to the abandoned radioactive village. Shams is exiled for 10 years when he gets involved into a making of the first atomic bomb used by USSR. It's a story of repentance set in abstract Tajikistan in Soviet time. 

Tajik film experts and critics Award, 6th International Didor Film Festival, 2014

Latin America Premiere