Jadugoda - The Black Magic

India, 2009, 9 min, English
Latin American Premiere

Jadugoda is an area in the state of Bihar populated by Adivasi (tribal peoples of India). It first came into prominence when uranium deposits were discovered in the area, since Jadugoda is India's only underground uranium mine. The film documents the devastating effects of uranium mining by Uranium Corporation of India Limited in Jadugoda. For the last thirty years, the radioactive wastes have been just dumped into the rice fields of the Adivasis.

The 10-minutes short documentary based on a recent study conducted by the Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD Patna chapter) in and around villages of Jadugoda uranium mine with help of JOAR(www.jadugoda.net). IDPD is Indian chapter of Germany / US -based International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW- Noble Peace prize winner Organization).
This video shows the plight and harass realities of the health conditions of people who lives near to the Jadugoda mine, mill and tailing dam, which the UCIL (Uranium Corporation of India limited) always deny on any effect of radiation on the local population.

This video was first screened at the international conference, Nuclear War — A Pandemic, that was organised by the Royal Medical Society in London in October 2007 and then in the International Conference of IPPNW in march 2008 in Delhi.