The Speech of the Chief

(A Fala do Cacique)

Most people think that in Brazil there are indigenous peoples only in the Amazon. But in fact there are indigenous people like the Guarani Mbyá of Rio de Janeiro all over Brazil. This film presents the strong 94 year old chief of the Guarani Mbyá people south of Rio de Janeiro and his strong prophetic speech about nuclear energy, ecology and future. His people survived 500 years of occupation and genocide by the "white" conquerors. Now in the rest of their traditional territory they have to live with two Atomic Power Stations and Number 3 is in construction. "The Speech of the Chief" was selected for 5 international Film festivals.

The Speech of the Chief (A Fala do Cacique), Brasil, 2008/11, 20 min, Directors: Norbert G. Suchanek & Marcia Gomes de Oliveira.