Shinpei Takeda

Shinpei Takeda is a Japanese filmmaker, visual artist, and musician based in Tijuana, Mexico. His works includes a wide range of themes regarding memories and history in various mediums: documentary films, multi-media installations, video projection, public installations, community collaborative projects in various public and non-public contexts. He has been collecting over 50 oral stories of atomic bomb survivors living in North and South Americas since 2005. His recent films include "El Mexico mas Cercano a Japon" (2008) about Japanese photographer in Tijuana in 1920s.

Eiji Wakamatsu

A friend of director, Shinpei Takeda, who comes to help him with the atomic bomb survivors' interviews. In search of his identity, he confronts his psychological dilemma typical of the young generation of Japan – wanting to connect, but afraid of connecting.


2 former high school friends drive from Canada to Mexico as they visit atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that live in the States. During the trip, they record the piece of a modern history crucially important in Japanese collective psyche while exploring their own identities and revealing the reality of psychological scars.

Mexico/Japan, 2010, 73 min Spanisch Untertitel/OmU, deutsche Untertitel Produktion: Shinpei Takeda e Eiji Wkamatsu Besondere Anerkennung 2013 Am 6. August 1945 zerstörte eine Atombombe die japanische Stadt Hiroshima, die zweite verwüstete am 9. August Nagasaki. Filmemacher Shinpei Takeda war sieben Jahre lang auf den Spuren der Überlebenden der Atombombenabwürfe von Hiroshima und Nagasaki und dokumentierte einzigartige Zeitzeugnisse von Atombomben-Überlebenden (Hibakusha), die nach Nord-, Mittel- und Südamerika ausgewandert sind. Der Film entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem UN-Büro für Abrüstungsfragen. Shinpei Takeda lebt und arbeit als Künstler und Filmemacher in Tijuana, Mexiko. Einen Großsteil seiner Arbeit hat er den Themen Kriegsflüchtlinge und japanische Immigration gewidmet...