Pradeep Indulkar

Pradeep Indulkar is filmmaker from India who is also a qualified engineer and worked in an Atomic Research Center for 12 years. High Power is his first film. It received the Best Short Film Award of the International Uranium Film Festival 2013.

High Power, the documentary on the people displaced by the coming up of Tarapur Atomic Power Station, India's first nuclear plant near Mumbai, has bagged the Yellow Oscar at the Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 27-minute documentary, titled "High Power", was the maiden directorial venture of Pradeep Indulkar, an anti-nuclear activist from Ratnagiri, coastal Maharashtra.

"My documentary received unprecedented response at the festival and was screened several times, besides special screening in Rio de Janeiro colleges. The issue tackled in it is true for almost all the nuclear plants and the truths they leave behind," Indulkar told IANS from Brazil. Chandrasen Arekar, a displaced farmer from Tarapur, Thane district, received the award to a thundering ovation, from the chief guest, Junko Watanabe, the last survivor of Hiroshima nuclear holocaust during World War II.

In his acceptance speech, Indulkar said that apart from all the sorrows and distress highlighted by the documentary, the Yellow Oscar was a golden moment in his life as a filmmaker. "I accept this award on behalf of all nuclear project affected people of Tarapur and I dedicate it to all those farmers and fishermen who lost their land, home and livelihood for the nuclear power plant," Indulkar said at the awards ceremony Sunday night in the Brazilian capital. Incidentally, Pradeep Indulkar is among the leading personalities opposing the proposed 9,900 MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant coming up with French collaboration in Ratnagiri.

Pradeep Indulkar talks about “High Power”, which won a Yellow Oscar at the Uranium Film Festival recently. Having worked for 12 years with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Pradeep Indulkar is an unlikely candidate for directing a film opposed to nuclear power. His High Power, a 27-minute documentary about the health issues faced by residents of Tarapur, a town in Maharashtra, and home to the Tarapur Atomic Power Station, recently won the Yellow Oscar in the short film category in the Rio de Janeiro leg of the Uranium Film Festival. Films from all over the world which shed light on the problems associated with nuclear energy are screened and discussed here....

Anti-Tarapur film wins award in Brazil.

High Power on You Tube: 

(High Power) Indien, 2013, 27 min, Englisch, Deutsche Erstaufführung Regie: Pradeep Indulkar "High Power" ist der Debütfilm des indischen Regisseurs Pradeep Indulkar, der einst als Ingenieur in der Atomforschung arbeitete. High Power erzählt von den Folgen des Baus des ersten indischen Atomkraftwerks in 1960er Jahren. Die lokale Bevölkerung, mehrheitlich Fischerfamilien verloren Land, Fischgründe und Gesundheit. Obwohl in Rio de Janeiro vergangenen Mai mit dem Yellow Oscar geehrt, ist High Power von Regisseur und Atom-Ingenieur Pradeep Indulkar. Im Anschluss Publikumsgespräch mit dem Regisseur