Keren Zaltz

The video includes footages from authentic shots of bombing, from popular American movies and from propaganda movies that was created by the American government during the "cold war". The footages were edited in a technique that reminds the Photomontage that was used in photography in the end of the 19th century and in the Film-making between the two world-wars. The Photomontage brings up questions of reality and fiction and deals with the zone of ethics and aesthetics.

The sound of the video was taken from Schubert's symphony:" Death and the Maiden", but it was edited and only the parts with the maiden "voice" are being heard.

The materials that I choose to use in my videos are materials from the popular culture of Hollywood cinema, from home-movies that are shared on the network and any visual material which can be viewed freely online. Issues that concern me relate to the ideas that the French writer Guy Ernest Debord is writng about them: The Society of the Spectacle in which the display is the result and the project of modern production conditions. It generates fake, alienation, fear and segregation. It is not only a collection of images, but a social relation between people that mediator through images.


Director Biography

Born in 1981, live and work in Israel.

Israel, 2012, 3 min, Experimentalfilm ohne Dialog Ein Videoprojekt mit authentischen Atombomben-Szenen von US-Spielfilmen sowie von Propagandafilmen der US-Regierung während des Kalten Kriegs.