Fabienne Lipa-Dumas

Canada | 2008 | 93’ | Documentary. Director: Fabienne Lipa-Dumas | Producer: Sylvie Peltier. Original Language: French and English | Subtitled Language English / French Synopsis: A moving and disturbing portrait of the legacy of the nuclear armas race in Japan, the Marshall Island, Tahiti, New Zeland and the planet. With contributions from world-renowned experts No Chomsky, Hans Blix, Arjun Makhijani, Douglas Roche and many others. Awards HUMAN RIGHTS PRIZE 2009 Festival des Libertés, Belgium GOLDEN PALM AWARD 2009 Mexico International Film Festival GRAND PRIZE 2009 Portneuf Festival Of Films On The Environnement OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARY FEATURE 2008 Non Violence Film Festival