Element 55

(Elemento 55)
Brazil, 2008, 36 min
Directors and Producers: Daniela Mazur, Ana Rios, Ricardo Busquêt. Colégio Santa Mônica of São Gonçalo

It is a short fiction movie made by Students of the School Colégio Santa Mônica of São Gonçalo (Rio de Janeiro). It is based on the radioactive accident 1987 in the city of Goiânia with the chemical element with the atomic number 55, also called Caesium 137.

“We selected Element 55 as a good example for other students and schools to produce their own films about nuclear and radioactive issues. It must not be a film about an accident like in Goiânia. I could be also a simple documentary about radioactive waste of the hospital in your neighborhood.” - Marcia Gomes de Oliveira