Uranium And Us (l’Uranium et Nous)

Niger | 2013 | 52’ | Documentary
Director: Abdoul Moumouni BAKABE | Producer: Intermedia/EIRENE (programme Genovico)
Original Language: French / Subtitles: English

Synopsis: Niger is one of the world's poorest countries despite its vast mineral wealth. Among these minerals, uranium is Niger’s most valuable export. The country is the third largest producer of uranium ore worldwide. The preservation of the environment has never been on the agenda of the international community’s preoccupation. Many industrial mining projects were carried out without caring about the social, cultural and environmental impacts generated by them. Misery and famine invaded the population of the mining cities. The health of the population and the environment were threatened because of the fact that drinking water is of
doubtful nature. This film deals about the health and environmental impacts that mining enterprises are generating in the process of uranium exploitation and about the testimony of the civil society concerning the water contamination and its misuse by the mining companies whilst the population and the animals haven difficult access to water.

World Premiere