Pandora’s Promise

USA |2013 | 87 min | Documentary.
Director: Robert Stone | Producer: Robert Stone.
Original Language: English | Subtitled Language German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Synopsis: Pandora’s Promise chronicals the personal stories of several people who have put their careers and reputations on the line to speak out about how they have changed their minds on the issue of nuclear energy – going from anti-nuclaer to pro-nuclear. This controversial film examines the reasons why they once opposed nuclear energy, and explores the how and why they ended up reexamining their previous beliefs in light of new information and the threat of potentially catastrophic climate change. The documentary aims to inspire the debate over the may be most important question of our time: how do we continue to power modern civilization without destroying it?

Green Award (Best Environmental Documentary) - Sheffield Film Festival
Best International Documentary – Kuala Lamur Eco Film Festival
Best Environmental Documentary – Barcellona Film Festival
Best Documentary – Princeton Environmental Film Festival