Marcus Schwenzel

Marcus Schwenzel vit à Berlin. Il travaille comme journaliste de télévision et scénariste. Jusqu’à présent, il a réalisé trois films : Bruderliebe / l’amour fraternel, Sept ans de l’hiver et Ricky. Marcus écrit présentement son premier scénario de long métrage.

Director's Biography: Marcus Schwenzel lives in Berlin. He works as a TV Journalist and Screenwriter. So far he has realized 3 Films: Bruderliebe/ Brotherly Love, Seven Years of Winter and Ricky. Marcus is writing ion his first feature Script at the moment.

Germany/Denmark/Ucraine | 2011/12 | 21’52” | Fiction. Director: Marcus Schwenzel | Producer: Hans Henrik Laier and Marcus Schwenzel. Original Language: Russian | Subtitled Language English Synopsis: Seven-year-old Andrej scavenges the nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl for discarded documents to trade on the black market. Shot entirely on location, this is a haunting rumination on the heartbreaking effects of the political on the personal. Schwenzel’s film starts off as a straightforward narrative but once Andrej enters the radiated Chernobyl, the film soon turns into a location showcase of the desolate environment. Because the setting is so unforgettable and the cinematography is captured so excellently, we never have a problem with this change. Sasha...