Kazunori Kurimoto

I am so excited to have a wonderful opportunity to screening my film "Forbidden Ground, FUKUSHIMA" at the 3rd INTERNATIONAL URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL in RIO DE JANEIRO and really can't thank all of you enough!

However, more than 10.000 citizens in Japan have been still demonstrating weekly in front of the Prime Minister Residence and the Parliament to protest against the re-opening of the nuclear power plant. And so many Japanese people abroad have been also independently taking actions against Japan's nuclear policy.

I strongly believe that our future lies in co-operation with anti-nuclear rally all over the world. Our aim is to complement and collaborate with all civil groups in order to raise awareness and joint efforts to protect the citizens from radioactivity.

Contamination by radioactive substances, processing of nuclear waste among other issues are worldwide life threatening. There are no borders in facing these issues once nuclear incidents occurred. We must unite our civil power to avoid a next nuclear disaster similar to Fukushima - and thus we have to stop all the nations nuclear reactors.

Again, I would like to say thank you for all of the support!

Film "Forbidden Ground, FUKUSHIMA"

Kazunori KURIMOTO / Director

Japan, 2012, 57 min Regie: Kazunori Kurimoto OmU, englische Untertitel, Deutsche Erstaufführung Zwei Jahre nach dem Fukushima-Unfall herrscht in den kontaminierten Gebieten noch immer Ausnahmezustand. Die durch Erdbeben und Tsunami angerichtete Verwüstung konnte wegen der Radioaktivität nicht weggeräumt werden. Menschen leben weiter in Notunterkünften. Ein Dokumentarfilm über die Betroffenen von Fukushima, die mit ihren Problemen weitgehend sich selbst überlassen sind.