Colourful Shorts in Berlin

Das Internationale Uranium Film Festival ist mit drei "atomaren" Kurzfilmen beim nächsten Kurzfilmtag "Colourful Shorts" in Berlin mit dabei.

Mittwoch, 21.12.2022, 21:20 – 23:30 Uhr


Spain, 2022, Director & Producer: Jaime García Parra, Fiction/Comedy, Spanish with English or Portuguese subtitles, 14 min.
January 1966 in the south of Spain, a tourism couple is recording themselves in a placid day at the beach. Behind them, some locals decide to cheat on a shepherd, who will play his honor
before the eyes of his beloved in a curious game. Tourists are attracted to the strange game and decide to record it, without being aware of the hecatomb that will happen before the camera.„January 66“ is based on the real atomic bomb accident of Palomares during the Cold War: On 17 January 1966, a B-52G bomber of the USAF Strategic Air Command with four atomic bombs collided with a KC-135 plane tanker during mid-air refueling over the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Spain at Palomares. Of the four hydrogen bombs the B-52G carried, three felt on land near the small fishing village Palomares in Almería  resulting in the contamination of an at least 2-square-kilometer area by plutonium. The fourth atomic H-bomb fell into the Mediterranean Sea and was lost.


Greenland, 2020,  Director & Producer: Inuk Jørgensen, Documentary,
Original Language: English & Greenlandic, Subtitles English or Portuguese, 7 min.
A cinematic portrait of despair and anxiety towards an unknown future for the Inuit of the world’s largest island.
The film questions the rationale behind past and future mining prospects in Greenland and how they are connected to a search for identity for the fledgling nation. Trailer: 


Canada, 2021, Director: Colin Scheyen, Producer: Ann Shin and Hannah Donegan,
Documentary, English with Portuguese subtitles, 25 min.
Eugene Bourgeois had no concerns about nuclear energy when he built his farm next door to the world's largest nuclear facility in 1974. Over that time, he and his wife Ann ran a successful wool business and taught generations of people around the world the art of knitting. They really believed they had found paradise. However, over the next few decades, Eugene, his family, and his sheep flock were frequently exposed to hydrogen sulfide, a deadly nerve gas from the nuclear plant, which caused hundreds of his sheep to be blinded, born deformed, or killed. The industry has denied any wrong doing, but Eugene has always known the truth and dedicated the rest of his life to pushing his nuclear neighbour for greater transparency and accountability. Trailer:

Das Festival braucht Ihre Unterstützung damit es auch 2023 weiter machen kann. Jede Spende ist willkommen. Danke!



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