Atomic Ivan

Russia, 2012, 91 min, legenda inglês
Produção: Telesto Film Company
Classificação indicativa 10 anos

Melhor Ficção 2013

Essa é uma história de pessoas do futuro que está começando a ser real hoje em dia. Os heróis são bonitos e indefesos que continuam a lutar por sua própria felicidade e propósito. A história é sobre Ivan e Tania, Tania está interessada em sua carreira de ciência e Ivan não está interessado em nada. O novo herói se faz herói para acordar. Uma comédia lírica.

Best Feature Fiction Movie 2013

Atomic Ivan" is the Best Feature Fiction Movie of the Third International Uranium Film Festival 2013. The 2012 produced film Atomic Ivan by VASILY BARKHATOV from Russia won the Yellow Oscar 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. The romantic comedy "Atomic Ivan" is a debut film of famous theatre director Vasiliy Barkhatov from Moscow based on the script of world-known playwright Maxim Kurochkin. The Shooting of the film took place at the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant, about 200 km North West of Moscow, and at the Leningrad Power Plant 70 km close to St Petersburg. It was the first time that Russian's nuclear agencies opened their doors to filmmakers. "Atomic Ivan is a combination of Visual Art, Comedy, Love Story and pure Nuclear Science", says Festival Director Norbert G. Suchanek. "Atomic love at a Russian power plant. Atomic Ivan is a beautiful, intelligent, romantic comedy, in the surrealistic stile that remembers me on Federico Fellini."

Suchanek: "The basic Story of Atomic Ivan is simple. The director of a nuclear power plant invites an Artist to develop a play together with the nuclear workers at the nuclear power plant. Imagine: A Fellini opera in a real nuclear power plant. Beside of all that the films transports important worth full scientific information about nuclear power and radioactivity. So there was no way! This film had to win a Yellow Oscar of the Uranium Film Film Festival 2013."

The Executive producer of Atomic Ivan, Miss Viktoria Gromik from TELESTO FILM was present at the Award Ceremony in the Cinemateca of the Modern Art Museum (MAM) Rio de Janeiro. She said: "It is very important for us to receive this Award from the Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro."