Yoko Kumano

After the March 11, 2011 Tohoku disaster, there were a lot of viewpoints about the water and food supply on the news from specialists and politicians who seemed to be addressing the public with a specific agenda. Living in the U.S. and far away from the epicenter of the disaster, I wanted to find out what everyday people in Japan were thinking. I was particularly interested in listening to the viewpoints of farmers and parents because it is their job to feed others. Through a series of interviews shot six months after the disaster, I was moved by each subjects' unique reactions and their willingness to share their thoughts so freely about this difficult issue. All footage was shot in Japan in October 2011.

(Food and Radiation) EUA, 2012, 18 min, Japonês/Inglês, legenda em português Première Mundial Causado pelo acidente nuclear de Fukushima, vários elementos radioativos como césio-137 foram liberados e contaminaram parte da região, atingindo os alimentos. Como isto mudou a vida e os costumes alimentares das pessoas no Japão?