Feurat Alani

In 2004, Fallujah in Iraq became the theater of a major showdown between the American soldiers and the Iraqi insurgents. But even though the sounds of this harsh battle have died down a long time ago the consequences are only showing now. And they are of the toxic kind. Babies are born with malformations, kids are affected with leukemia and cancer has multiplied tenfold. The situation reminds the one of 1945 post atomic Hiroshima.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the marines who took part in the battle are developing strange diseases.

What really happened in Fallujah? Which weapons were used? White phosphorus? Depleted uranium? Has a generation of Iraqis been sacrificed?

My idea was to launch an investigation by myself, as a journalist, but also as iraqi by origin, to discover the wickedness truth of the war.

Feurat ALANI



(Irak: Les Enfants Sacrifiés De Falluja)  França, 2011, 48 min, francês Classificação indicativa 12 anos Em 2004, Falluja no Iraque tornou-se o palco de um confronto importante entre o exército americano e os insurgentes iraquianos. Mas o que o americano usou nesta guerra é segredo. Que tipo de munição eles deixaram na área? Desde 2005 até hoje, os bebês nascem deformados. O que realmente aconteceu em Fallujah? É o urânio a causa do problema de saúde?