Four Stories About Water

USA , 2012, 37 min, Documentary,
Directors: Deborah Begel and David Lindblom, Executive
Producer: s: Dr. Johnnye Lewis and Chris Shuey, Navajo & English, English subtitles.

This documentary is a four part meditation on the Navajo people’s problems with contaminated drinking water. Nearly one out of three people in the Navajo Nation struggle with this issue. Four Stories About Water opens with a waterfall of people who reveal the scope of water contamination problems on Navajo lands, from the health problems that were likely caused by uranium tailings left uncovered to the view of water as “a spiritual element” to the fact that 30% of the Navajo people don’t have access to safe water. „For us Diné people, if we treat water with respect and have spiritual faith, water will respect us. In this way, we will go forward in a balanced and harmonised life.“ David Begay