Sophie Filip

Sophie Filip is a motivated 26 year old girl and former student of Business Administration and Music. She grew up in a small village, always inspired by the beauty of nature and music, and she has been studying in Flensburg, Hamburg and Coquimbo (Chile). It was not only during her journeys that she came to the conclusion that life on earth, especially the environment is at risk and has to be saved from the deconstruction of mankind.

Germany/Tanzania 2016/17 Director: Sophie Filip Producer: Robert Cordes Musik: the Harmonies, Sophie Filip, Crispy Gold, Swahili Records Music video, 5 min English subtitles The music video informs about the dangers of uranium mining and about what would happen if it took place as recently planed in the area of Bahi in  Tanzania. The Rapper Wakazi is calling for resistance.  The video should serve as means to create awareness in Tanzania and the whole world on the topic of uranium mining in Bahi. The Chorus is sung by the Tanzanian group the Harmonies and Sophie Filip. The Beat was produced by Crispy Gold in cooperation with Swahili Records and musicians from Hamburg.