Press Releases
Aug 25, 2014

The Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro goes again to Berlin. This time it will be in the Babylon cinema, Sept. 29 to Oct 04, showing new atomic films from around the world. The 2011 in Rio de Janeiro for the first time launched unique festival is the world's only festival dedicated to the entire nuclear fuel chain and radioactive risks: From uranium mining to nuclear waste. After Berlin the Uranium Film Festival will be guest Wunsiedel and Passau in October 2014. INFO>

From uranium mining to nuclear waste, from atomic bombs and nuclear accidents to uranium weapons used in modern wars, from Hiroshima to Fallujah and Fukushima. The Uranium Film Festival now is in its fourth year and is considered as the “Atomic Cannes”.

The festival's partners in Berlin are: Kino Babylon: www.babylonberlin.de
The German Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons: www.uranmunition.org
And IPPNW Germany: www.ippnw.de