Waste, The Nuclear Nightmare (Déchets, le cauchemar du nucléaire)

France | 2009 | 98’ | Documentary
Director: Éric Guéret | Producer: Arte France and Bonne Pioche.
Original Language: : French, German, English and Russian | Versions French and German |
Subtitled Language English.

Synopsis: Looking at the cases of France, Germany, the United States and Russia, this scientific and political report explores the taboo subject of nuclear power, particularly the darkest aspects of the latter. Nuclear power is not without risks, its Achilles heel being nuclear waste. People are afraid of it, scientists cannot find an acceptable solution to the problem, industry companies are trying to reassure us and politicians avoid talking about it altogether. But what do we really know about nuclear waste? How can people have a clear vision of something that has always been shrouded in secrecy? In seeking the truth about waste, this film aims to provide, for the very first time, the keys to understanding the choices which weigh heavily on the future of humanity.

Rockie award (Investigative & Current Affairs Programs), BANFF TV Awards, 2010
Etoile de la SCAM, Paris, 2010
Hérisson d’argent, Festival International du Film Nature et Environnement, Grenoble, 2010