Nuclear Lies

Austria/India | 2015 | 72 minutes | Documentary
Director: Praved Krishnapilla / Producer: Neongreen Network/Renate Brandner-Weiss/W4EST
Original Language: German/English (Hindi/Marathi/Konkani/Tamil) / Subtitles: French

Synopsis: "Nuclear Lies" takes the spectators on a journey to different locations of the nuclear industry in India - that begins at the highly radioactive uranium mines in Jadugoda in the east of the country, to the ill-fated families of problem stricken reactors of Tarapur and Kalpakkam, through fishing villages of Jaitapur where the world s largest nuclear plant is proposed to be built and to the protesters around the largest standing nuclear plant in Koodankulam at the southern tip of India. He points to the terrible injustices and the lies and propaganda of the government to promote nuclear energy in India.The film rather focuses on the voices and perspectives of those affected and their personal struggle for survival. 

North and Latin America Premiere