Enterrado na Pele da Terra

(Buried in Earthskin)
África do Sul, 2009, 50 min, Inglês/Africaans

Première América Latina

África do Sul: uma jornalista numa viagem investigativa sobre energia nuclear e lixo atômico e suas consquências.

Special Achievement Award

for the director's confidence in her native instincts to create a film that follows the route taken by trucks transporting nuclear waste from Cape Towns's reactors to a disposal site in the pristine semi-desert of Namaquiland. All along the way she discovers realities both indigenous and technological. Her intrepid effort to get to the bottom of South Africa's nuclear program takes her to experts for and against the technology. Her film's stunning conclusion starts with the revelation that South Africa has already developed safe alternatives to nuclear fission with wind and solar installations up and running, and more on the way; but Buried in Earthskin's conclusion goes into a sudden nosedive with the disclosure that tens of billions of dollars have been committed by the South African government for building more nuclear reactors. Gandhi is quoted at the end with a thought as relevant in South Africa as it is worldwide:

There is enough in this world for everyone's need; there is not enough in the world for everyone's greed.

Robert del Tredici