Los Alamos. E Os Herdeiros da Bomba

(Los Alamos. Und die Erben der Bombe.)
Alemanha, 2003, 45 min, Inglês,
Produção: Denkmal-Film / Hessischer Rundfunk / Arte

Première América Latina

Um documentário sobre Los Alamos, o lugar em Novo México (EUA), onde nasceu a era nuclear e a primeira bomba atômica.

Special Achievement Award

for its incisive capture of the spirit of two opposed but parallel worlds: the world of nuclear weaponsmakers and the world of the guardians of the Earth. These worlds overlap in northern New Mexico around Los Alamos, the birthplace of the Bomb. Sparks fly as Claus Biegert forges interviews and unearths images and archival footage.

The Secret and the Sacred  features Ed Grothus, a human bridge between the two worlds. Once a worker at the Lab, now owner of The Black Hole, an atomic junk shop, Grothus is the "fool on the hill" who dares call out for a legacy that will sustain rather than destroy the planet. From the indigenous realm comes the ancient teaching on elemental serpent Avanu, guardian of the springs and fiery avenger of those who poison its waters. Avanu is juxtaposed to a Los Alamos Director preaching the gospel of Deterrence to an auditorium full of warrior workers. The contrast between the two realms could not be starker, and by film's enend, the consequences could not be graver.

Bob del Tredici