Moritz Schulz

Moritz Schulz lives in Freiburg, having moved there in 2005 from Berlin to study history, political sciences and islamic studies at Albert-Ludwig University. Film has been his passion for a long time. Thus, he started realizing his own film projects while pursuing his studies. He currently works as an author and director at earlybirdpictures productions.

Ukraine/Germany, 2016 Director: Moritz Schulz Production: Michael Sladek & Earlybirdpictures GbR Documentary, 55 min Russian, Ukrainian with German subtitles Filminfo: Chernobyl is not just a technical, medical or political story. Chernobyl is, above all, a human story, and in this respect, it is unique. Therefore, at the center of our story we put four people whose fates are intertwined with the accident and its consequences – but, above all, with the zone itself. A nuclear engineer, a female farmer, a travel guide, and an illegal traveler. Their common story began on April 26th, 1986 and it has been continuing ever since. We want to approach their stories in all their contradictoriness, liveliness and absurdity.