Benjamin Huguet

Born in France, he studied at the EHESS Department of Visual Anthropology founded by Jean Rouch in Paris, where he started making documentaries. Since 2013, he havs been working in London as a filmmaker and documentary cameraperson. During this time he has collaborated with a range of broadcasters including Channel 4, Al Jazeera US & France Télévision. As a filmmaker, he investigate stories about natural resource management and cultural identity. His work has been showcased in museum, major documentary film events around the world as well as being bought for international release.

France, 2015 Director and producer: Benjamin Huguet Animation director: Debanjan Nandy Sound designer: Rob Malone Animation-documentary, 15 min French, English with English subtitles   Filminfo: How to create a symbol that travels through time? Nuclear waste lasts for millennia but stone, symbols and language can fade beyond recognition.  In the 1980s, a curious project was proposed by two scientists seeking to send a long-lasting warning to the future:  The semiologists proposed the idea of a cat genetically engineered to change colour in the presence of radiation. The myth is taking hold, and science may follow.