Uranium Film Festival in the media

Since 2011, the International Uranium Film Festival has shown hundreds of films about nuclear power around the world, reaching thousands of people directly and millions of people indirectly through media coverage. Just a small overview of publications by TV Stations, Newspapers and Magazins in Brazil, USA, Germany and India where most of the Uranium Film Festivals have taken place so far.




DEUTSCHE WELLE - Filme sobre acidente radioativo do césio-137 é premiado na Alemanha...

DEUTSCHE WELLE / FUTURANDO! Radioatividade vira tema de festival de cinema. 2014

DEUTSCHE WELLE / FUTURANDO! Radioatividade é o tema do Futurando

GLOBAL MAGAZIN - Die Top Atomic Film Awards des 10. Uranium Film Festivals

NATUR - Zum Thema Atomkraft gibt es auch Komödien

NEUE ENERGIE - Energie im Kino: Uran Film Festival kommt nach Deutschland

BERLINER WOCHE - Die Katastrophe und ihre Folgen: Uranium Film Festival vom 10. bis 15. Oktober

TAGESSPIEGEL BERLIN - Die unsichtbare Gefahr

UMWELTBUNDESAMT - Internationales Uranium Film Festival Berlin 2020 - Globales Filmfest des atomaren Films

BERLINER FILMFESTIVALS - Fünf Fragen an Uranium Film Festivalleiter Norbert G. Suchanek



DAILY TIMES - Film festival highlights uranium's impact on tribal lands

DAILY TIMES - International Uranium Film Festival returns to Navajo Nation

KRWG PUBLIC MEDIA - Uranium Film Festival Coming To United States, Including New Mexico

NAVAJO TIMES - Film festival carries urgent message of danger

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY - 10 Trailers From the Uranium Film Festival, Coming to Indian Country - 2013

HOLLYWOOD GLAM MAGAZINE - The Man Who Saved The World Is A Wake Up Call For Our Society

THE LOS ANGELES BEAT - Kat Kramer presents Atomic Cinema Festival

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER - Yellow Oscar’ goes to documentary exposing US nuclear tests in Pacific

PEACE BOAT US - Introducing the International Uranium Film Festival in New York

THE NUCLEAR WORLD PROJECT - About the International Uranium Film Festival

ANTI WAR - Atomic Cover-ups Exposed at Uranium Film Festival

NUCLEAR HOTSEAT - Uranium Film Festival: Wake-Up Call to Humanity

NUCLEAR HOTSEAT - Nukes Go Hollywood – International Uranium Film Festival



SUNDAY GUARDIAN - Telling the secrets of the nuclear story

THE HINDU - Eye-opening films

THE HINDU - The nuclear family

INDIAN EXPRESS - Mission Possible

NEW INDIAN EXPRESS - What You Didn’t Know About Nuclear Energy

BUSINESS STANDARD - Film on Tarapur Atomic Power Station bags award

DAILY NEWS INDIA - Anti-Tarapur film wins award in Brazil

THE SHILLONG TIMES - Film fest disseminates pros and cons of uranium mining

Since 2011 the International Uranium Film Festival has been raising nuclear awareness around the globe in a way that no one has done before. Our last online festival in May 2021 clearly shows this again. It has reached thousands of people from more than 70 countries. However, film festivals are costly. The festival needs your support!
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