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The Rio de Janeiro International Uranium Film Festival 2021 Wrapped

The Rio de Janeiro International Uranium Film Festival 2021 - for the first time Online and free for all - has ended with a fantastic audience of almost 7000 viewings. On ten days between May 20 and 30, the Uranium Film Festival supported by Rio de Janeiro's Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio) streamed 34 films from 15 countries on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy: from Hiroshima to Fukushima. The festival had spectators from all continents and more than 70 countries: from Brazil to Greenland. Most of the audience came from USA, Japan and Brazil.  We thank You all for your particpation and engagement. A big "Thank You" goes to the filmmakers without whom the festival would not have been possible.  

The festival's winners are  ..

The audience's opinion on the Uranium Film Festival 2021

Thank you so much for all the efforts dedicated to the peace understanding supporting culture. You guys are the best.
@daledewar / Dale Dewar
Definitely deserved - I so found "In My Lifetime" to reflect so much of my own experience that I was in awe of filmmaker Robert E Frye.
@julie4north / Julie Ward MEP
This has to be the most crucial film festival ever...  Well done to everyone!
@AceHoffman / Ace Hoffman
Many of the films are absolutely awesome (and terrifying)!
@atomiclabrats / LABRATS International
Such powerful films.
@futoshi_sugar /  佐藤太 Futoshi Sato
Thank you for the Uranium Film Festival! And, knowing to have received an Honorabel Mention, give me the courage to continue making movies. Thank you very much!
@imarilani / Imari Yasuno
Thank YOU so much for making the great series of films available!
L’ @URANIUMFESTIVAL està projectant pel·lícules de gran qualitat, entre d'altres casos, el de Palomares, a Andalusia.
@GadflyQuebec / Judyth Mermelstein
It was an important and enlightening, though depressing, event.
@All1Health / TRINITY: ALL1Health Systems
Thank you for what you do!
@jon_perry88 / Jonathan Perry
Keep up the outstanding work!  You have many supporters on the Navajo Nation.
@hannahmholtzman / Hannah Holtzman
Thank you for making the festival so accessible this year!
@SwanleyMomentum / Swanley Momentum
Thank you for a great festival and tremendous films. The documentaries on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incredible. The Marshal Islands one was also so moving.
@samiahenni / Samia Henni
Thank you for organizing such an important festival and congratulations on its success! Looking forward to next year’s edition…
Thanks So much. I live in Fukushima. I amlooking forward to next year's festival.
Parabéns a todos!
Wir danken Euch für das Forum, das ihr im Rahmen des Uranium Film Festival weltweit bietet und die vielfältigen Infos und und und! ThanX.
@arclight2011 / Sean Mcgee
7000 viewings isnt too shabby..!! Well done! We will see if we cant get some reach elsewhere for next year!!
Awesome! Thank you so much!
@yunusunbabasi / Can Candan
"Over 6500 viewers so far"!!! Congrats! Hope to see you in Turkey soon?
@imarilani / Imari Yasuno
Thank you so much for the links! Your recommendations are awesome.
@lucyjanesantos / Lucy Jane Santos
Obrigada! Have had a fascinating afternoon watching the documentaries of the International Uranium Film Festival. You can watch them here for free but do give a donation.
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We thank Kathy Altman from PSR Arizona and Lucy Jane Santos, author of the book Half Lives: The Unlikely History of Radium), Jim Torson from Flagstaff and Ace Hoffman from Carlsbad, CA, for their support and donations. The festival team also thanks its supporters in Rio de Janeiro: The Museum of Modern Art Cinematheque (MAM Rio) and Cachaça Magnífica de Faria

We are grateful for the support by Peace Boat Foundation,  ICANNuclear News and Nuclear Hotseat in distributing the festival and its films. We also thank the journalists Cláudio Manhães and Verônica Lima from Rio. Special thanks to the volunteers of the Adolpho Bloch FAETEC State School for Film, TV, Tourism, Event and Dance: Larissa Montenegro; Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Pereira da Silva; Júlia Mendes; Wanderson Romão; Maria da Conceição; Nayara Lima e Bruno Lugão (egresso), Juan Giestas, Ícaro Vendruscolo, Ana Carolina Ribeiro e Aline Oliveira. 

International Uranium Film Festival 2022

Next year, in May/June 2022, a focus of the International Uranium Film Festival in Rio will be Uranium Mining. In addtion we are planning a special on films from and about Turkey. See you soon at  Modern Art Museum Rio Cinematheque. 
Top photo: Awarded filmmakers at the closing party of the Uranium Film Festival 2016 in the MAM Rio Gardens: Peter Anthony, Marcus Schwenzel and Tineke Van Veen.
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