Italy | 2014 | 45 min | Documentary
Director: Riccardo Palladino | Producer: Riccardo Palladino.
Original Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
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Synopsis: Legend has it that every lake worth of that name must have its monster. Somebody consider the monster as a threat to keep off, someone else recognizes in it an opportunity and starts to live with. Young Sharon lives there, around the beautiful Brasimone lake, in the Appennini mountains, near Bologna, where fascinating nature and futuristic industrialization coexist along an ambitious and unaware dream. Mountain life, seasons and recent Italian events cross each other, while onshore Brasimone lake they built a nuclear power plant, never working, yet...

Premio nella Sezione Documentari – Visioni Fuori Raccordo Film Festival, 2014
Nomination nella Sezione Global Vision – Dmz Korean Intern. Documentary Film Festival, 2014 Nomination nella Sezione Le Perle – Vetrine Italia – MedFilm Festival, 2014 Nomination nella Sezione Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages – Visions du Reel, 2014

Director's Statement: From the first moment I arrived at Brasimone Lake, I was so fascinated by the beautiful body of water as the huge concrete structure present on its banks. That image seemed to me dissonant and harmonious at the same time; the lines drawn by the mountains were their vanishing point in the nuclear power plant situated on the banks of the lake. In the 150 meters of the basin are enclosed emblematic events of Italian history. Brasimone has been a farmer place, then, with the construction of the dam, a small asset of early industrialization, later a tourist hub in the booming economy, a workers crossroads with the industry of the 70s and the Italian energy dream. The referendum on nuclear power in 1987 interrupted the curve of that trend. Brasimone, for me, besides being a beautiful corner of the Apennines, is a place where human action relates to the nature of the territory.