Fallujah: A Lost Generation?

(Irak: Les Enfants Sacrifiés De Falluja) 
Irak/France | 2011 | 48 min | Documentary
Director: Feurat Alani | Producer: Baozi Production
Original Language: English and French

In 2004, Fallujah in Iraq became the theater of a major showdown between american army and iraq insurgents. But what the american used in this war is secret. What kind of weapons did they drop? For now and since 2005, deformed babies are born. What really happened in Fallujah? Is depleted uranium the cause of the health problem? 

Film website: http://www.baoziprod.com/New/?p=3440
Director's Blog: http://feuratalani.blogspot.com.br

Investigation award and Remand Center Award in Grand Scoop Festival in Lille, 2011
Freedom and human rights Award in Al Jazeera Festival in Qatar in April 2012
International Committee of the Red Cross Award in Monte-Carlo’s Festival in June 2012
Public Award and Jury Award in Khouribga Documentary Film Festival (Morocco), 2012