Shri Prakash


Shri Prakash is an activist film maker working in Jharkhand in India. “I try to use audio visual medium as tool for social change”, he says. “I have Done many documentary films, got screening and recognitions national and international levels.” Prakash now entered in to fiction film making. His first fiction BAHA got one award abroad.

Shri Prakash é um cineasta ativista trabalhando em Jharkhand, na Índia. "Eu tento usar o meio audiovisual como ferramenta para a mudança social ", diz ele. "Eu tenho feito muitos documentários, exibidos e reconhecidos nacional e internacionalmente”. Prakash agora começa a fazer ficção. Sua primeira ficção é BAHA que ganhou um prêmio no exterior.

(Gere Dan) India, 2014, 48 min, French/English with English subtitle World premier in NewYork City Niger, Gabon, Congo and other African countries had been going through the experience of Uranium mining since decades. But now more and more Uranium mining companies are going to Africa more aggressively. Poverty, lack of governance and political instability has made this area as heaven for these mining companies. This film is trying to looking from inside of a tiny village 'Falea' in Mali where drilling for prospecting of uranium is going on, and same time also try to see the multiple dimensions of the uranium mining and vested interests of world powers in that same sub-Sahara region.  Both filmmakers are present (New York 2014).
(Ragi Kana Ko Bonga Buru) India, 1999, 52 min, English Documentary Not part of the Competition "Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda" is a documentary film on uranium mining and its deadly impacts on the tribal people living near the Jadugoda mine, mill and tailings dam, in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand (India). Unsafe mining, milling and tailings management by UCIL in this area for almost 30 years has resulted in excessive radiation, contamination of water, land and air, destruction of the local ecology, and lead for to genetic mutation, and slow death for the people of the region. The film attempts to depict the gross misuse of power by the authorities in displacing the original inhabitants of the region, the utter lack of concern for internationally accepted norms and safety...
India | 2009 | 9 min | Documentary Director: Shri Prakash Original Language: English Jadugoda is an area in the state of Bihar populated by Adivasi (tribal peoples of India). It first came into prominence when uranium deposits were discovered in the area, since Jadugoda is India's only underground uranium mine. The film documents the devastating effects of uranium mining by Uranium Corporation of India Limited in Jadugoda. For the last thirty years, the radioactive wastes have been just dumped into the rice field of the Adivasis. Film website: