Magnus Isacsson

Documentary filmmaker Magnus Isacsson has received many awards for his work in photography, radio, TV and film. A former producer for the English and French networks of the CBC, he has made more than a dozen independent films since 1986. Often shot over long periods of time, they tell dramatic stories that raise important social and political issues.

"Uranium is one of the most powerful recent films that I have ever seen."
- Helen Caldicott, Environmentalist

Documentarista, Magnus Isacsson recebeu muitos prêmios por seu trabalho em fotografia, rádio, TV e cinema. Já fez mais de uma dúzia de filmes independentes desde 1986. Eles contam histórias dramáticas que levantam importantes questões sociais e políticas.

"O urânio é um dos filmes mais poderosos que eu já vi recente."

- Helen Caldicott, Ambientalista

Canada | 1990 | 48 min | Documentary Director: Magnus Isacsson (1948 - August 2, 2012) | Producer: National Film Board of Canada Language: English and French Synopsis: This film exposes the ethical and environmental problems which surround the practice of uranium mining in Canada. The film delivers some hard-hitting and little known facts about the detrimental impact of uranium mining on the environment as well as on the health of those employed in the industry. Toxic, radioactive waste is a severely detrimental by-product of uranium mining, which has been proven to cause profound, long-term environmental damage. The same radioactive waste puts the miners at extreme risk for developing cancer. Finally, because most of the mining to...