Berlin Uranium Film Festival starts September 28

Festival venue: Kino in der Kulturbrauerei Prenzlauer Berg

From Rio to Hollywood and Berlin

After the first Uranium Film Festival in Hollywood in April 2016 and the 6th International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro in May, now the Uranium Film Festival will be for the 5th time in Berlin. From September 28 to October 2nd the festival will screen in the Cinema of the KulturBrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg 22 atomic films from 10 Countries. Several filmmakers already confirmed to be in Berlin and to present their films. The Uranium Film Festival in Berlin will also present a photo exhibition by Italian photographer Pierpaolo Mittica about Chernobyl. Download here the festivalprogram!

50 years Palomares, 30 years Chernobyl, 5 years Fukushima: In April the Uranium Film Festival was for the first time guest in Hollywood’s famous Raleigh Studios, in May it showed 49 international atomic films at the Modern Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro, and now at the end of September the International Uranium Film Festival comes back to Berlin. From September 28th to October 2nd the in the world unique film festival will show movies and documentaries from around the world about nuclear power, uranium mining and radioactive hazards: from atomic waste to uranium ammunition. The festival will particularly remember the atomic disasters of Fukushima, Chernobyl and the nearly unknown nuclear accident of Palomares: On 17 January 1966 an B-52 bomber of the US collided with a tanker plane during mid-air refuelling over  Almeria in Southern Spain. The B-52 with four hydrogen bombs on board broke apart and exploded. The atomic bombs dropped over Palomares. See New York Times report: Even Without Detonation, 4 Hydrogen Bombs From ’66 Scar Spanish Village 

The 2010 in Rio de Janeiro founded Uranium Film Festival is now in its sixth successful year and shows great movies about nuclear power and nuclear threats from around the world.  "The Uranium Film Festival is unique in that it tries to make this complex subject accessible to all. Films from around the world, film discussions and roundtables with experts deal with uranium mining, nuclear reactor disasters and the dangers of nuclear radioactive waste that has to be stored safely for thousands of years", says Jörg Sommer, Chairman of the German environmental Foundation and patron of the Uranium Film Festival in Berlin together with MP Klaus Mindrup and Casting Agent Uwe Buenker.

This year the festival in Rio was very special, because we had the Brazilian TV Globo an its famous environmental TV Journalist André Trigueiro and his program CIDADES E SOLUÇÕES as guest. See here the Brazilian TV report (Globo News) "Os bastidores do único festival de cinema do mundo com temática nuclear" about the Uranium Film Festival in Rio. 

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The festival in Berlin will take place in the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg from 28 September to 2 October 2016. 50 years Palomares, 30 years Chernobyl, 5 years Fukushima: Nuclear disasters shall not be forgotten. The festival welcomes any donation.