Three Mile Island, Goiânia, Mariana and Brumadinho Never Again!

Acidente com césio 137 em Goiânia em 1987

9th International Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro, from May 25 th to June 2nd, 2019 at the Modern Art Museum Cinematheque (MAM Rio)

Three Mile Island, Church Rock, Chernobyl, Goiânia, Fukushima, Mariana and Brumadinho Never Again! 

The 9th International Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro is dedicated this year to nuclear safety and the risks tailings dams. 

Since the Three Mile Island meltdown that occurred exact 40 years ago 1979 in Pennsylvania on March 28th,  the world knows that nuclear accidents do happen. 

And since the Church Rock uranium mill spill that contaminated the Puerco River valley in New Mexico also exact 40 years ago on July 16th, we know that tailings dams with radioactive mining waste can break.

In Brazil early this year on January 25, 2019, collapsed the tailings dam of the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine near the town Brumadinho in Minas Gerais and far more than a hundred people and contaminated vast areas with toxic mining waste mud.  November 2015 happened the collapse of the mining waste dam of the Samarco Iron Mine near the town Mariana in Minas Gerais that  resulted in the contamination and death of  hundreds of miles of the Rio Doce in Southeast Brazil.

The collapse of those two dams, could have been even worse if the tailings would have been tailings of a uranium mine.  In Brazil and world wide there are hundreds of dams containing radioactive and toxic mining waste that are in risk to break.

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International Uranium Film Festival
Rua Monte Alegre 356 / 301
Santa Teresa / Rio de Janeiro / RJ
CEP 20240-195   /  Brasil
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Cinemateca do MAM Rio
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