First Films Selected - 2023

A Body in Fukushima
Director Eiko Otake 
Feature Documentary 
United States / Japan
Ågesta R3 - A ripple in time
Directors David Hodge, Hi-jin Kang Hodge 
Short Documentary
Atomic Hope - Inside The Pro-Nuclear Movement
Director Frankie Fenton 
Feature Documentary
Chernobyl - Our Overlooked Fighters
Director Emi Dietrich 
Short Documentary
How Far From Ground Zero
Director Brian Cowden 
Short Documentary 
United States
Inter-Continental Bunker Mission (I.C.B.M.)
Director Julian Vogel 
Feature Documentary 
Neutron bomb
Director Peter Kuran 
Feature Documentary 
United States 
Sew to Say 
Director Rakel Aguirre 
Feature Documentary 
United Kingdom/Spain
Small and big
Director Zelimir Gvardiol 
Short Documentary 
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