Uranium Film Festival in USA/Canada 2024

The International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) returns to North America in March/April of 2024 for an extended tour. At each stop, it will show a selection of movies and documentaries about nuclear power and its risks - from uranium mining to nuclear waste, from nuclear bombs to nuclear accidents - stimulating the discussion on these vital topics for the future of humanity.
In respect for the Native American Peoples, who are suffering most by the consequences of uranium mining and nuclear testing, the IUFF started its 2024 tour in Window Rock, the capital of the Navajo (Diné) Nation. 
Diné artist, activist and filmmaker Klee Benally designed the logo and poster for the IUFF tour across North America and the festival in Window Rock in March 2024.
Sadly, KleeBenally (48), has died, december 30, 2023.He advocated for the cleanup of abandoned mines, where uranium ore was extracted from the Navajo Nation over decades. His death is a big loss for everybody. (Photo: Klee receiving the Heart of the Uranium Film Festival during the festival event in Flagstaff in 2018.)

IUFF Tour Program

Window Rock, Tucson (AZ), Austin (TX), Asheville (NC), Chicago (IL), Spokane (WA), Vancouver in Canada, 
Seattle (WA), Olympia (WA), Portland (OR), Salem (OR), Santa Barbara (CA) and Las Vegas (NV).

About the Festival
For 13 years, the International Uranium Film Festval (IUFF) has presented cutting edge films on nuclear issues in nine countries around the world, including Germany, Brazil, India, Canada, the United States, Portugal, Jordan, Denmark and Norway. Founded in 2010 by the Brazilian social scientist Márcia Gomes de Oliveira and the German environmental journalist Norbert G. Suchanek, the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) is dedicated to all nuclear topics and the entire nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining to nuclear waste, from nuclear war to nuclear accidents.
Since 2011, the festival has been held not only in Rio de Janeiro annually and in Berlin but also in several other countries and cities such Lisbon, New Delhi, Montreal, New York and Washington DC. It has been twice, 2013 and 2018, in Window Rock, ABQ and Santa Fe. Since 2016, when the International Uranium Film Festival was hosted at the famous Raleigh Studios for the first time in Los Angeles it is also known as Atomic Age Cinema Fest.

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Festival team
Norbert G. Suchanek
International Uranium Film Festival 
General Director and Co-Founder
Email: norbert.suchanek@  uraniumfilmfestival.org
Márcia Gomes de Oliveira
International Uranium Film Festival
Rio de Janeiro
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Email: uraniofestival@  gmail.com
Ambassador of the International 
Uranium Film Festival to the USA
Los Angeles
Past Uranium Film Festivals in the USA


Photos by Norbert Suchanek