Till Death Us Do Part

Australia | 2014 | 4 min 35 | Documentary
Director: Elektra Macleod | Producer: Elektra Macleod 
Original Language: English

Synopsis: Is a short reflective film about my husband decision to work at a uranium mine, his subsequent contamination and death. I will not be silent. I chose to tell this story from my perspective.

Director's Statement: "'Till Death Us Do Part' is a short experimental film about my ex-husband's contamination at a Uranium Mine and his subsequent death. I hope to raise awareness of the dangers of Uranium Mines and ultimately see them close. His job required him to crawl on the ground to wire the accommodation huts and he was not given adequate protective gear. Alastair died from a form of cancer received from exposure to Uranium. The ground is DEADLY." Elektra Macleod