Ordinary Lives (Futu no Seikatsu)

Japan | 2012 | 80 min | Documentary
Director: Taizo Yoshida | Producer: Neighbors
Original Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English

Synopsis: How important it is to continue our ordinary lives. We realize it only when we get into a disaster. Can you imagine how difficult to live under high radioactive environment? We interviewed some fifty Fukushima people in April and September, 2011. This movie reveals the inner struggles of children, mothers and people around them. Fukushima is a 'battle field' to keep the lives of ordinary people off from radioactivity. Similar life threatening human disaster could happen to you anywhere, anytime in the world.

Director’s Statement by Taizo Yoshida: Mothers say, “Please make use of our experience in Fukushima in the world. It can happen to anywhere and to anybody as long as nuclear power stations are in operation.” People in Fukushima tend to endure hardships. They don’t speak up, so I tried to collect the voices of muttering and made a very quiet film. I want you to meet real Fukushima people here. They can never go back to ‘Ordinary Lives’ they had before March 11, 2011.