High Power

India | 2013 | 27 min | Documentary
Director: Pradeep Indulkar

Original Languages: Marathi/English | Subtitles: English, German, French

Synopsis:Tarapur Nuclear Power Project is India's first civil nuclear establishment came in existance around 50 years ago, displacing few villages near town named Tarapur. Once a protagonist visits those villages Dandi, Pofaran, Ghivali, Unbhat and Tarapur after 40 long years. He observes the situation of thousands of displaced people. He finds that they lost their traditional jobs and they did not get any new jobs, they lost their lands, homes and sea and they didn't get proper compensation neither they got the promised services and infrastructures like roads, water, electricity, medical facilities, schools etc. etc. Instead they got illness and unknown deceases. The high blood pressure and heart attack cases increased. Kidney failure and miscarriages and still births and complicated delivery cases increased. The kids below 5 years are suffering by mental disorders. Their IQ is low. The real cost of power is paid by those unknown and innocent people.
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YELLOW OSCAR, Best Short Documentary, International Uranium Film Festival Rio 2013