Final Picture

Germany | 2013 | 92 min | Fiction
Director Michael von Hohenberg | Producer: White-Lake-City
Original Language: German | Subtitles : English
Film production:

Yellow Oscar 2014, Fiction/Student Production

Atomic War! What will happen in a small town in the middle of Germany? People enter the bunkers. But there is space only for a few. The movie is a project by the “Jugendfilmprojekte Oberfranken”. It  was shot in original bunkers in the Bavarian region Oberfranken with many young people, shooting their first professional movie. 


Director's Statement: Final Picture is a movie, haunted in my head since years. I could not understand why human beings do need weapons like an atomic bomb. 2012 I started to write the screenplay to “Final Picture”. It was written in three weeks and the shooting was planed completely in four months. I collected 15.000 Euro. That had to be enough for the project. We shot our movie in nearly two weeks in original locations. Many people said “This is historic from cold war. Nobody wants to see a movie like this.”, but after the first screening they changed their mind. Also world politics changed since our shooting. Newspapers all over Europe titled “The world again is afraid of an atomic war”. Now the people say “This movie is food for thought about atomic bombs and what could happen." Michael von Hohenberg.