To Whom It May Concern

Belarus, 1990, 26 min, English
Latin American Premiere

"To Whom It May Concern" is a record of broken people's lives in Belarus five years after the Chernobyl power plant explosion. It shows the plight of children and their parents who have been eating low level radiation food. It is an attempt to warn the rest of humanity to the danger of being exposed not only to radiation but to the undisclosed truth. The film was produced 5 years after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion happened. Becoming sick as a result of exposure to the low dose radation for 5 years, and fearing for the health of her then 7 year old son, director/ producer Galina Sanderson decided to attract international attention to the situation in Belarus. The State run media was not allowed (and still is not) to reveal any factual health related information or sócio-psychological effects of the accident, and the director/producer had to quit her position in Belorussian State TV in order to make this film.