Masako Sakata

Masako Sakata was born 1948 in Nagano prefecture, Japan. She studied Sociology at the Kyoto University. After having worked at a Tokyo based photo agency (later becoming president), she started a career as documentary film maker. Masako Sakata: „Despite the unprecedented nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan is forging ahead with re-starting the nuclear power plants, as well as engaging in the renewed efforts to export nuclear plants overseas. Why have we not learned from Fukushima that nuclear facilities can cause calamities that is beyond our control? We are responsible to leave the safe environment for future generations. We need to look back how we have come to where we are and how we can correct our paths.“

2014 Journey without End
2011 Living the Silent Spring
2008 Agent Orange – a personal requiem

Japan 2014 Director and Producer: Masako Sakata Documentary, 78 min Japanese with English subtitles Filminfo: When Fukushima nuclear plant accident happened, I resorted to a book titled 'Please Listen', a compilation of anti-nuclear newsletters by my mother who died 16 years ago.Following in her footsteps, I started on a journey questioning nuclear age. Through travels in France, Bikini Atoll, and Kazakhstan, I found scars of nuclear age deeply engraved even after 60 years, and thought this might be Fukushima 60 years from now. We claim to have harnessed the power of the atom, but perhaps it is humankind that is under its control. My journey in search of answers continues. 3 years after the accident, the situation in Fukushima remains...