Maika Nakao

Maika Nakao is a historian of science and culture. She received her Ph.D. in history of science from the University of Tokyo (2015). Her book 『核の誘惑: 戦前日本の科学文化と「原子力ユートピア」の出現』[ Allure of Nuclear: Science Culture in Prewar Japan and the Emergence of “Atomic Utopia”] was published in 2015 by Keisō Shōbō. She has produced the documentary film Memories of the Kyoto Cyclotron which was awarded a prize at the 50th Science and Technology Film/Video Festival (2009). She is currently working on the cultural history of radiation in Japan before and after the atomic bomb. See also:

MEMORIES OF THE KYOTO CYCLOTRON - Japan, 2009, Director and Producer Maika Nakao. Documentary, 62 min, Japanese and English with English subtitles - Film that pieces together the fragmentary records of Japan’s attempts to develop a nuclear weapon during the second world war. The film presents a multifaceted view of the complex relationship between nuclear Science and its practical application, and how Japanese society has dealt with the memories and legacies of its past involvement with nuclear science.