Coronavirus & Uranium Film Festival

MAM Rio - FAETEC Estudantes - Uranium Film Festival

Like the Cannes Film Festival and dozens of other international film events have been postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus we too had to cancel and to postpone the 10th International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro scheduled for May 21 to May 31, 2020. 

At this time, for the next several weeks all events in Rio are cancelled, all schools and museums are closed including the Museum of Modern Art (MAM Rio) and its Cinematheque. People have to stay at home and are not allowed to circulate. Even the beaches are closed. We are not sure how long this emergency situation will continue.

Most of the 278 cases of coronavirusin Rio today (March 26) are concentrated in the rich quarters in the South, in Barra da Tijuca, Leblon and Ipanema. Our quarter Santa Teresa has up to now only one case confirmed. As soon as the coronavirus crisis in Rio de Janeiro and Brasil is resolved we will decide together with MAM Rio a new date for the 10th International Uranium Film Festival of Rio. 

The schedule of the Berlin International Uranium Film Festival is still confirmed for October 15 to 18, 2020. This date of course depends on the future development of the Corona epidemic in Germany and world-wide. 

We know the situation is very sad not only for the audience who wanted to watch new and important nuclear films on the big screen, but especially for the filmmakers and international guests who organized their trips to Rio to celebrate with us the 10th edition of the International Uranium Film Festival. The situation is also very unfortunate for our young volunteers of the FAETEC Technical School Adolpho Bloch for film, TV, event and dance who were eager to serve the film festival and to meet personally the filmmakers and international guests. 

However, we hope that the coronavirus epidemic will come soon to an end worldwide and that the International Uranium Film Festival can continue.

We thank you all for your loyality, friendship, respect and support.

Márcia & Norbert

Márcia Gomes de Oliveira & Norbert G. Suchanek
Directors and Founders of the International Uranium Film Festival

The Uranium Film Festival thanks its supporters and partners in Rio 2020: MAM Rio Cinemateca, FAETEC Technical School Adolpho Bloch, Consulado Geral da Suíça,  Armazém São Thiago, Bar do Mineiro, Cachaça Magnífica and Pousada Villa Laurinda. We welcome all new supporters and any donation.
Photo: Students of the FAETEC Technical School Adolpho Bloch at a preparatory meeting March 7th, 2020, at the Museum of Modern Art on Flamengo Beach, with the Sugar Loaf in the background.
We thank our 2020 Supporters and Partners in Rio de Janeiro and Berlin

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