Award to Seven Years of Winter

Award an Marcus Schwenzel - Uranium Film Festival Berlin 2015

Berlin/Rio de Janeiro, October 03, 2015: The International Uranium Film Festival Berlin ended with glamour and stars from the German cinema. Film director Marcus Schwenzel received in Berlin the Uranium Film Festival’s Award 2015 for his movie "Seven Years of Winter". Together on the stage were Casting Director Uwe Bünker from Berlin and famous German actor Roman Knizka who is one of the leading actors of Marcus Schwenzel´s Chernobyl movie. 

"Seven Years of Winter is spectacular, a masterpiece. A fiction that shows the reality, an unthinkable, post-nuclear reality," says Marcia Gomes de Oliveira, co-founder of the Uranium Film Festival and professor at the FAETEC Technical School for Film, TV and Event "Adolpho Bloch" of the State of Rio de Janeiro. And Marcus Schwenzel said: "I am very happy and very proud to be honored with the Uranium Film Festival's Yellow Oscar."

"Seven Years of Winter", a short movie about Chernobyl with starring actors Hannes Jaenicke, Roman Knizka and the 11 year old actor from Kiev, Sasha Savenkov, tells the story of seven-year-old Andrej scavenging the nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl for discarded documents to trade on the black market by his elder friend Artyom. An excellent film and script along with a truly touching performance from Sasha Savenkov (Andrey) that creates a deeply moving film about family, belonging, and manipulation. Trailer:


30 Films from all over the World

During six days from September 24th to September 30th the festival screened in Berlin 30 movies, animations and documentaries about nuclear power, Chernobyl, Fukushima and the use of uranium in energy production and war. Several filmmakers and directors from Germany, Italy and India presented their films in Berlin like:

Praved Krishnapilla from India, film: NUCLEAR LIES,

Riccardo Palladino from Rome, film BRASIMONE,


Matthias Leupold, film: LIGHTER THAN ORANGE,

A piece of art from Santa Teresa

The Yellow ... Award is a piece of art produced by Brazilian waste material artist Getúlio Damado, who lives and works in the famous artist quarter Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro. Here, the first International Uranium Film Festival was held in May 2011. 

“Since 2011, when we held the first Uranium Film Festival in Santa Teresa, this in the world unique film festival is not only about screening films it is also about making friends. And now in Berlin 2015 we made new friends. I want to say "obrigado", thanks to our filmmakers, supporters and especially to our two Berlin Patrons Uwe Bünker and Klaus Mindrup (MdB) for another awesome Uranium Film Festival in Berlin.

Photo 1: German actor Roman Knizka (left); Marcus Schwenzel (centre), Uwe Bünker (Berlin Casting Director) during the Yellow ... award ceremony of the International Uranium Film Festival 2015 in Berlin-Pankow, Cinema Brotfabrik. Photo credit: Marek Karakasevic for Uranium Film Festival.

Photo 2: Still of Seven Years of Winter with young actor Sasha Savenkov.

Photo 3: Festival general director Norbert G. Suchanek  with the film directors Reinhart Brüning and Riccardo Palladino in Berlin-Pankow, Cinema Brotfabrik. Photo credit: Jutta Wunderlich.