41 Atomic Films at MAM Rio

Pictured above: Native American actor Joseph Runningfox stars alongside actor John Malkovich in Lech Majewski's "Valley of the Gods". Joseph Runningfox is one of Hollywood's best-known indigenous actors. He is also famous for his role as Geronimo in the 1993 film „Geronimo"

Press Release


The 11th International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, the Atomic Age Film Festival begins Thursday, May 19 at the Cinematheque of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio (MAM Rio) and globally online. 41 „atomic“ films by 39 filmmakers from 21 countries will be screened until 29 May. A major highlight of the festival is the Brazilian premiere of the film "Valley of the Gods" with the presence of Polish director Lech Majewski on the last day of the festival. "Valley of the Gods" features several Hollywood stars such as John Malkovich, Bérénice Marlohe, Joseph Runningfox and Josh Hartnett.

On Sunday, May 29, after the screening of his latest film, Lech Majewski will receive the festival trophy. He is a movie, opera and theater director, writer, sculptor, painter, poet and author of video art installations. Lech Majewski was born in Katowice in 1953 and gained international recognition in 1996 as co-producer and co-writer of Julian Schnabel's film Basquiat, where David Bowie played the role of Andy Warhol. His videos, films and artwork are shown in many galleries and museums around the world. In 2006, the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) honored Majewski with a retrospective of his works.

Festival Program Catalogue

In addition to Lech Majeweski, the festival is honored with  presence of the Spaniards José Herrera and Jaime García, the Brazilian Miguel Silveira, the North American producer Missy Hernandez. The festival also welcomes an exceptional guest, Ambassador Sérgio Duarte who was the UN High Representative for Nuclear Disarmament Affairs. In Brazil, no one knows more about nuclear weapons than he does. In order not to forget the biggest radiological accident in Brazil, the festival has also invited Odesson Alves Ferreira, clarifier and victim of the so called Cesium 137 accident, which occurred in Goiânia, in September 1987.

About Uranium Film Festival: Created in 2010, in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, it is the only film festival in the world dedicated to all matters of nuclear power. More than 70 Uranium Film Festivals has been held already in 7 countries and dozens of  cities, including Berlin, Hollywood and New York.

We are grateful for the partnership of Cinemateca do MAM Rio, the home of the Festival since 2012. The collaboration of FAETEC Foundation to Support the Technical School of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Embassies of Poland, Spain and France and the General Consulate of the Republic of Korea / Korean Cultural Center in Brazil.

From Rio to Bilbao

Surprising latest news: The 2022 Rio de Janeiro International Uranium Film Festival has made big headlines in Bilbao in northern Spain. ARGIA, the oldest Basque publication, published a major report on the festival these days. We thank the author PELLO ZUBIRIA KAMINO: Great work! However, not many people will be able to read it. Because it is written in Basque. Here is the Report "Rio de Janeirotik dator Uranioaren Zinemaldia maiatzean, atomoaz estalitako egiak erakustera" as pdf.


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