John Wayne meets Elvis

Press Release: Jeopardized by uranium  

Meet Navajo grandmother Elsie Begay and John Wayne, not the Hollywood icon, but Elsie's long lost baby brother who was named by the actor in Monument Valley. His true story unfolds across four decades on screen in The Return of Navajo Boy. Elsie Mae Cly Begay is this year's Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award recipient of the International Uranium Film Festival. Beside of Elsie and John Wayne Cly you will meet representatives of indigenous peoples of the Brazilian northeast: Elvis Tabajara, Teka Potyguara, Jardel Potyguara and Toinho Gavião. English/Portuguese Moderation by Jeff Spitz (USA) and Miguel Silveira (Brazil). 
This exceptional online event of the International Uranium Film Festival brings together for the first time in history Navajo, who suffer for more than 40 years  because of uranium mining and its radioactive heritage and representatives of indigenous peoples in Brazil who today are threatened by a new uranium-phosphate mining project, the „Projeto Santa Quitéria“ in the state Ceará that still can be prevented. Eight indigenous peoples are living in the region of the Santa Quitéria project and may be affected by radioactive contaminated dust and groundwater: Tabajara, Potyguara, Gavião, Tubiba-Tapuia, Kanindé, Karão-Jaguaribara, Anacé and Tapeba.  
The online event is a cooperation of International Uranium Film Festival with the Cinemateca do MAM Rio and Groundswell Educational Films in Chicago. Beside of the online meeting the festival streams for free from May 19 - 29  dozens of films about nuclear power and uranium risks.

Festival program:

Photo 1: Elsie Mae Cly Begay and John Wayne Cly from The Return of Navajo Boy
Photo 2: Elsie Mae Cly Begay
Photo 3: Teka Potyguara
Photo 4: Elivis Tabajara. Photo by Iago Barreto)


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