Films & Spirit for a World Without Nuclear Risks

 Steve McEveety at Uranium Film Festival 2016 Award Ceremony Hollywood

Films & Spirit for a World Without Nuclear Risks - Cachaça Magnífica and Uranium Film Festival traveling around the World.

Since 2011 Cachaça Magnífica do Brasil is partner of the International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro, the world unique atomic age cinema festival. Together with the Uranium Fim Festival Cachaça Magnífica is traveling around the world promoting a world in peace without nuclear risks: From Rio to New York, Los Angeles (Hollywood), Munich and Berlin.

The best films of the year receive the Uranium Film Festival Award that is a piece of art created in Rio de Janeiro's art quarter Santa Teresa: A bottle of finest Cachaça Magnífica also is given every year to the best filmmakers or producers of the festival screenings.

In 2016 famous Hollywood producer Steve McEveety (photo) - famous because of his film "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson - received the Uranium Film Festival Award and the best Cachaça of Rio de Janeiro for his film "The Man Who Saved The World" with Kevin Costner. 

In 2017 the Uranium Film Festival was for the sixth time in Berlin with a dozen filmmakers
and of course Cachaça Magnífica from Rio de Janeiro. And as always filmmakers and guests loved it.
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